An Interesting Online Upstart: Storenvy

When I first started my toy business seven years ago, I was handcrafting everything myself.  This had the advantage of being able to sell my toys on Etsy, but it also meant that I was making less than minimum wage on every product.  Clearly, this was not sustainable, so I spent the next two years sourcing responsible manufacturing overseas and starting my own e-Commerce site.  Had I started my business in 2011, none of this would have been an issue, because I could have just used Storenvy.

Storenvy is a social marketplace and free online store builder that started right here in the Bay Area.  It’s open to ALL indie businesses, not just the handmade ones, so you don’t have to worry about doing all the back-end work to start your own online shop or try to find away around Etsy.  According to founder Janette Crawford,

At Storenvy we believe that amazing products should sell amazingly well, regardless of whether they’re made by Urban Outfitters or a guy who prints t-shirts in his basement. We’re all about giving independent merchants a leg up, so we give sellers a customizable online store for free, and then we combine the products from thousands of Storenvy stores into a social marketplace where shoppers shop across all stores at once. It’s beautiful, easy to use and totally free.

There’s also built-in social networking, which means a lot less work on your end to get your products seen.  Take that, big box behemoths!

If you’re looking to expand your business or start an online shop, these sessions might be right up your alley:


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One Response to “An Interesting Online Upstart: Storenvy”

  1. Cheryl Vis says:

    Those “Air Swimmers” look so dang cool! Bet they will sell BIG!

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